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There’s Still Time to Sign Up for the Time Freedom Summit – Listen to Free Virtual Podcasts From 20 Top Dental Industry Experts

Have you signed up to listen to the 20 dental industry experts speaking on behalf of Dr. Nomita Mehta Kiteonfriend Time Freedom Summit? If not, now is the time.

Diana Thompson’s podcast titled “Locating Operational Equity + Increase in Revenues = Quality of Life” went live today. Sign up by clicking the link below.

Time Freedom Summit Hosted by Dr. Nomita Mehta, DDS.

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3 Days Left – Sign Up for the ‘Time Freedom Summit’ Today!!! Free Virtual Event

Dr. Nomita Mehta invited Diana and 20 other dental industry experts to be part of a Free virtual event titled: ‘The Time Freedom Summit’ – Jan 16-27, 2017. Learn how to use your time efficiently to increase revenues and have Quality of Life. To reserve your spot, click below.

To Sign Up For FREE Virtual Event, Click Here

To View The 20 Dental Industry Experts, Click Here

Don’t miss this event. 3 Days left to sign up – Just Do It Today!!